It’s the new trend and for sure you’ve heard of it: the nomad workers. When you only need a computer to work and make the best of it by often changing your location. Many have slowly moved towards this lifestyle. Today, many consider it as a priority and shape their job to live this way, all over the world.

Iguazu falls - Argentina

Iguazu falls – Argentina

More than a job, a lifestyle

I read many posts dealing with remote workers travelling the world. Most of them can be classified in 3 categories:

  • Some with successful businesses so they just work half of the year;
  • some with such a brilliant business automation that they just need few weekly checks;
  • some just making enough money to live the way they want.

And that’s the point, nomad working is a solution to live the way you want. If you’ve set your own definition of wealth equals time + money, this lifestyle may suits you. I already wrote about this in a previous post “How idyllic spots help shaping your future”. I designed GreenBuilding4All to fit in this lifestyle: nomad working.

In February 2015, I finally met a “real” nomad worker in Buenos Aires. He is an engineer who used to work for a french major company in Paris. Good job, good position, good life. But even though adventure may hurt you, monotony will kill you. That’s what he felt so he quit and ended up working for a start-up based in Palo Alto. He spends time in places he loves or he’d like to discover. France to visit friends and family, New-York, Palo Alto, Buenos Aires… And when I mentionned him my potential future destination, Uruguay, he simply told me “Great, I’ll probably stop by to visit you”. Easy.

It could look like an utopia but life can be that simple if you decide to make it happen. Being a nomad has never been that easy. Communities are emerging all over the world and get stronger and bigger. Tens of websites and services help:

  • How to meet people (both professional and personnal): Meetup, Internations
  • How is life in other cities: Nomadlist.
  • How to find an office for 1 day, 1 week or more: Hundreds of coworking spaces such as La Cordée created by my good friend Julie Pouliquen.
  • How to find a flat: AirBnb, Craiglist

All jobs won’t fit this lifestyle

Valparaiso - Chile

Valparaiso – Chile

Even though this lifestyle looks perfect for many (including me), all jobs can’t fit in. The big majority of nomad workers are graphic designers, developpers… all dematerialized job.

On a first approach, green building design and energy efficiency don’t match these requirements. But I told you, adopting this lifestyle and working in this field weren’t optionnal. So I had to adapt something to fit in the box. Finally it was quite easy to bring evolution to my working habits. I set an offer matching all my requirements, with all clients benefits and guaranties. It makes my physical presence unnecessary.

But it’s not that easy. Truth is that real estate sector is quite conservative. Most companies are not yet ready for remote working, even though they’re already familiar with green buildings.  Even for a low cost and with all necessary guaranties, this sector keeps working on traditionnal way. It forces to adapt the nomad worker definition.

Shape yours to fit in

The job can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. But the key remains networking, how to reach new clients. This (often, not always) requires face to face meetings with decision makers. The 1 month country hopping turns to be difficult.

But it works with a 2-3 months base. You stay long enough to meet people, create and enlarge your network.  Then keep travelling to work on projects and meet new people abroad. The offer is good, you just need to break the ice with face to face meetings first.

This my next step: create a temporary base, get some projects, then travel again to enjoy and meet new people, create new opportunities. After a few months in Argentina, I’m moving soon to Uruguay. Targets: develop the company in this area, travel to enjoy and meet potential clients.

I’ll keep you posted soon.

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