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27 months in Indonesia. It doesn’t seem that big compared to the 900+ months I am supposed to live. However, even though I feel like time passed by in the blink of an eye, it was enough to live great experiences. Holydays, weekends, parties and others were just fantastic. But I won’t focus on that kind […]

Pourquoi les pays industrialisés doivent apporter leur expertise en conception de bâtiments verts dans les pays émergents dès à présent, et comment d’anciens principes mis au goût du jour permettent d’atteindre des résultats significatifs, rapidement et facilement.  En 2014, 54%[1] de la population mondiale réside dans des zones urbaines. Cette part n’était que de 30% […]

Why being disconnected from your everyday life helps you finding the true questions to address, how to create the environment you need to get the answers and become your life designer. June 2014. Indonesia. That’s where all started. Sunny days, fishy tropical waters, white sand beaches, end of an amazing trip around Flores and Lombok […]