Energy efficiency & investment reduction

Green engineering to reduce your investment and improve your project

 Who we are?

We are green building and energy efficiency engineers bringing innovation and disruptive engineering to the building design industry. Our innovative approaches focus on enhancing the sustainable performance of all buildings (costs, energy, comfort, water, health...).

 Why working with us?

To reduce your investment and energy bill.

To improve your energy & water efficiency, to offer to your employees or tenants healthier and more comfortable places.

Because our methodology is client oriented. Only benefits.

 A strong international experience

Our engineers have 5+ years of experience in new or existing projects from 200 m² until 110.000 m². Office, residential, hotels, malls, houses... In Europe, South-East Asia and now South America.

 And benefits to others!

We use a part of our benefits to offer missions to organizations building for those in the need.


We work based on your design team deliverables according to your expectations and beyond!


Our recommendations are pragmatic and ready to be implemented.


The report is delivered 10 days after contract enforcement. Contractual commitment!

Risk free 

We take the risk. We don't charge if we can't improve your project.

Investment reduction of more than 100.000 USD while improving both comfort and energy efficiency.
Residential building FORUM, Montevideo, Uruguay

Investment reduction of 37% for air conditioning
IRONHIDE Office, 410 m², Montevideo, Uruguay

What we do

Your building is unique, so are our approaches, customized to your needs

1. Reduce your investment - Focus on air conditioning

The air conditioning design is almost always oversized, by too much. You invest too much to consume more energy.

GreenBuilding4All works as your technical back-up to crosscheck the air conditioning design:

GreenBuilding4All - AC investment reduction methodology

GreenBuilding4All offers a disruptive engineering that pays for itself.

An innovative methodology already successfully experienced in Europe and the USA:

  • You reduce your investment;
  • You reduce your future energy consumption;
  • You improve your project's quality;
  • We only charge if we can reduce your investment.

2. Design an efficient building controlling both risks and investment

Nothing easier for you, we follow your project rythm with an "à la carte" approach: we can work at the end of 1 or all of the stages. However, we highly recommend to work since the sketch until the end to reach the best performance.

Explanation chart 3

GreenBuilding4All unique approach provides you with the best services customized to your ambitions & constraints. Depending on your current design stage, we work on all or some of the following:

 Plug & Play!

No headache for you & the design team: we come up with advice and recommendations as accurate and pragmatic as possible. No specific skills are required for the design team to implement the recommendations.

 To go further!

Upon request, we can perform complex calculations such as thermal modelings, natural lighting modelings, etc.

GreenBuilding4All experts already succeeded with these projects.

Whos next?

Project Name
  • Navios - Industry - Nueva Palmira - Uruguay
  • Carrefour Maxi - Hypermarkets - Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Volkswagen - Industry - Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Ariane - Office - 57.000 m² - Paris - France
  • Oficina MRM - Office - 240 m² - Montevideo - Uruguay
  • IronHide Game Studio - Office - 410 m² - Montevideo - Uruguay
  • La Casa Uruguaya - Uruguay
  • French Embassy - Mixed usage - 4.500 m² - Jakarta - Indonesia
  • Graha Irama - Office - 22.000 m² - Jakarta - Indonesia
  • Tour Blanche - 28.000 m² - Paris - France
  • Pop hotels - 150 keys - Indonesia
  • Lumen - Office - 19.400 m² - Paris - France
  • Aéroville - Mall - 110.000 m² - Paris - France
  • Indeso - Mixed usage - 1.500 m² - Bali - Indonesia
  • Inter Ikea - Mall - 60.000 m² - Bayonne - France

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